Humane Dog Population Management 2019 Update

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Whether implementing DPM at a local level or providing  support through national/regional level activity, ICAM’s (2019) Humane Dog Population Management guide has advice for anyone with the goal of creating positive human-dog relationships.

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Chapter 1 introduces principles of humane dog population management and how interventions should aim to influence the dog population.

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Hear how we define roaming dogs

Chapter 2 explains the importance of assessment to understand local population dynamics and enable evidence-based design of interventions. It also provides guidance for how these assessments can be conducted.

Hear our explanation of basic dog population dynamics in this narrated animation of Figure 1

Chapter 3 outlines the foundations and services of a DPM system that should be implemented based on assessment results.

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Chapter 4 describes the role of responsible authorities in creating an enabling environment for humane DPM.


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