Humane Community Development process for designing and managing DPM in Kljuc, Bosnia

The Humane Community Development process gave Kljuc community the structure and mentoring they needed to come together to solve their dog problems themselves. Local stakeholders worked together to analyse their own data and appreciation of dog problems and dynamics. From this they developed a realistic plan they could resource locally and continue to develop with improved communication and leadership of DPM.Read More

Humane handling of dogs involved in CNR in Jamshedpur, India

A CNR project developed infrastructure, protocols and a trained team of staff to ensure their handling was a humane and positive experience for the dogs involved, at every step of the CNR process. This protected dog welfare during CNR activities and encouraged compassionate behaviour towards dogs by the wider community, who were inspired by watching the Animal Welfare Officers at work on their streets.Read More

Introducing rabies and dog bite prevention lessons into the national curriculum in the Philippines

The Philippines government have integrated rabies prevention into the national curriculum for all public schools across the country. This initiative will reach more than 24 million children between the ages of 4 to 15 years. Children will learn how to behave safely around dogs, what to do if they’re bitten, and how to be responsible and caring dog owners. Read More

National DPM and rabies control in Bhutan

Bhutan implemented a nationwide CNVR intervention to replace inhumane methods of dog control. This included developing sterilisation capacity in all districts (see case study Enabling environment through training professionals and building local capacity in Bhutan). Sterilisation coverage of roaming dogs is now high, the next phase of DPM aims to address abandonment of owned dogs.Read More