ICAM team 2020

On August 10th of 2006, the International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) coalition was born when representatives from then WSPA (now World Animal Protection), HSI, IFAW, RSPCA International and WSAVA/GARC gathered to discuss their perspectives on Catch, Neuter and Return (CNR) for dogs and cats. The desire to establish a common position and terminology in cat and dog population management led to what we can now confidently call an historic agreement. ICAM was founded to provide thought leadership in this challenging field, and to support our NGO, IGO and Government audiences to understand the tools and strategies associated with companion animal management more clearly.

Since then, ICAM has been a driving force around the world in developing best practice  for humane companion animal management in resource-limited scenarios. The evidence-based guidance and tools ICAM has developed are effectively shaping companion animal management implementation around the world – whether it be NGO- or government-led.

We are particularly proud of the 2019 edition of the ‘Humane Dog Population Management Guidance’. This groundbreaking resource describes how to design an evidence-based and root-cause focused dog population management intervention and so guides any interested stakeholders to implement an effective DPM program; its companion, ‘Are we making a difference?’, offers practical guidance for developing monitoring and evaluation tailored to each intervention. Three international dog population management conferences (2012, 2015 and 2019) have been overwhelming successes. The most recent conference in Mombasa, Kenya in 2019 had over 185 delegates representing  38 countries – majority from African and Asian countries where urgency for dog population management is greater than anywhere else, not least due to its importance in controlling of dog-mediated rabies.

With the welcome addition of new members including Four Paws International, International Cat Care and Dogs Trust Worldwide, the global credibility of the ICAM coalition has continued to grow. It is the only global platform of its kind that brings together diverse, international stakeholders sharing a common vision for harmonious co-existence between humans and companion animals.

The central ethos of ICAM is that collaboration will help us to accelerate our individual organizations’ efforts to create a better world for companion animals; and that together we will make a far greater impact than struggling through the challenges alone. As we enter the new decade, we will wholeheartedly continue to embrace this ethos. We will use the solid foundation of the last 14 years as a springboard to jump to new heights toward creating a better world for companion animals in coming decade.

Together, with your support and engagement with us along this journey, we will continue to make a positive difference for companion animals.


Kate Nattrass Atema – outgoing Chair (2011-2020)

Pankaj KC – Chair (2020-ongoing)