World Animal Protection’s Mass Dog Vaccination MDV guide

World Animal Protection’s ‘Mass Dog Vaccination (MDV)’ guide provides a comprehensive resource for the planning and implementation of the mass dog vaccination programmes for humane rabies control.  This includes clear instructions on each step / component of a MDV programme; materials required, recommended personnel, risks and references.  In addition to these guides, please refer to your National Rabies Elimination Plans and any local regulations for controlled drugs and animal handling.

This guide is comprised of 9 parts and one annex:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation for vaccination
  3. Education and messaging
  4. Dog capture and handling
  5. Vaccine storage, transport and management
  6. Vaccination day
  7. Post-vaccination: Estimating vaccination coverage
  8. Rapid response to rabid and suspect rabies dog alerts
  9. Euthanasia of rabid or suspect rabid dogs
  10. Data collection sheets

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